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Entry #2

Samurai game

2010-01-29 08:51:06 by dario111cro

Well, I'm making new game. It's advanture/arcade game. I hope that it will be great. Artist is just awsome, and I'm looking for some japanese-style music xD


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2010-02-01 17:19:56

Hey buddy, how about 'Chaoz Japan'? Made by ParagonX9. It's on NG too! Just search the Audio Portal. Good luck my friend!

dario111cro responds:

It's awsome... Thx.


2010-02-04 11:57:29

Glad you liked it :D


2010-02-08 23:39:37

I have the perfect song for you! (Maybe)... n/303194

Would be good for some action.


2010-04-06 12:36:35

I like this type games and I look a game like that. Finish it soon ;)

dario111cro responds:

Well... for now I'm making game for pico day, but after that I'm going to work on this game again.


2010-05-25 08:36:36

Koliko ce ti dana trebati da napravis tu igru?

dario111cro responds:

Dosta jos :) Ali bolje pricaj na engleskom :)